Flex 8 Packs

Golfers will love the new Flex 8 & Flex 8 Premier Packs, complete with 8 rounds (valid throughout the 2022 season) on Crystal Springs Resort's award-winning courses. The best part? You have the power to choose how, when and where you want to play... plus it's even transferable for multiple golfers!

  • Flex 8 Packs are valid Monday - Friday & Sundays after 12:00 pm on Black Bear, Cascades, Crystal Springs or Minerals. With savings of up to $500, enjoy four courses for less than $50 a round. 
    • Pricing: Public - $399. Rewards Members - $379
  • Flex 8 Premier Packs are valid Monday - Friday & Sundays after 12:00 pm on Ballyowen, Black Bear, Cascades, Crystal Springs, Minerals or Wild Turkey. And, with the Premier Pack, you will enjoy the guaranteed best rates at Ballyowen and Wild Turkey! 
    • Pricing: Public - $699. Rewards Members - $679

Are you a Rewards Member looking to purchase a Flex 8 or Flex 8 Premier Pack?

Rewards Members can receive their $20 discount by calling Golf Concierge at    .

Note: All Packs will begin to be mailed out on December 1st.

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