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Overview of the Solar Field that powers Crystal Springs Resort in NJ
The Northeast's Largest Solar Powered Resort
Chef gathering greens from Chef's Garden
Over 200 Locally Sourced Menu Ingredients


Crystal Springs Resort is committed to initiatives of sustainability and environmental stewardship across its various locations. Sustainability plays an important role at the Resort as there is an increased global understanding that environmental considerations and personal well-being are interconnected. We seek to promote a stronger and healthier relationship with our surroundings, and to that end, have undertaken a number of relevant initiatives.  

Andy Mulvhill, Julie Mulvihill and Chris Mulvihill hold certifications from NJ for sustainability achievements.

NJ State Recognition

The Senate and General Assembly of the State of New Jersey recently recognized Crystal Springs Resort in Hamburg for its commitment to sustainability and development, highlighted by its standing as the largest solar powered resort on the Eastern Seaboard. The on-site field is comprised of 19,000 solar panels across 25 acres, generating 3.5 megawatts annually. This output is greater than the combined power consumption of the Resort’s two hotels...

Beekeeper at Crystal Springs Resort


Crystal Springs Resort has increasingly become involved in a number of bee related initiatives with the goal of creating awareness regarding issues that are plaguing bees.  Read about how the Resort is addressing this challenge and how you can help.

Food Preservation teambuilding activity


Development of sustainability-themed team building and group activity programs including Solar Farm Education, Bee Hive Box Build, Foraging with the Botanical Hiker, Food Preservation Workshops and more.

Mom lifting young son up to pick an apple


Programs such as the popular Harvest Trail in which the Resort encourages guests to patronize local farms, markets, orchards, wineries, breweries, cider houses and distilleries throughout the scenic Sussex Skylands and Warwick Valley Black Dirt Region.

Person holding radishes.


Collaborations with neighboring growers and producers yielding over 200 locally-sourced ingredients incorporated into our exceptional menus across 10 seasonal restaurants

Chef Aishling preparing food in the kitchen.


The Resort has implemented a sophisticated kitchen waste management program designed to utilize peels, trimmings and bones in creative and flavorful ways, resulting in stocks, cures and fermentations. Additionally, culinary leadership regularly undertakes a dedicated monitoring of inventory, food use levels, daily consumption and recipe management. 

Bee Pollinator on golf course


Partnership with Jersey Central Power & Light (JCP&L) and the New Jersey Audubon Society to create the Black Bear Pollinator Corridor, a habitat for bees, butterflies and birds on one of our six golf courses.

Robot mower.

Electric Turf Grass Equipment

With much of turf grass equipment (mowers, weed whackers, backpack blowers, etc.) becoming cleaner and greener with lithium batteries and electric power, the Resort is excited to be testing a compact robot lawn mower. Golf courses and landscaping industries have successfully implemented this machinery with benefits of a positive environmental aspect, less air pollution and reduced noise levels.

Sustainable steamer to kill weeds.

Steam Weed Control

Crystal Springs Resort has begun to use steam weed control which involves killing weeds with hot water.  This chemical-free method is very well suited for removing weeds along footpaths and can be used on all surfaces. This includes harder to reach areas such as between bricks or stone. Essentially, the steam destroys the growing tips, which delays quick regeneration that happens when cutting down weeds. Steam weed control also helps to limit the risk of contamination often caused by pesticides

Craig Worts and Nicole Szeredy

Resort Grounds Staff

Craig Worts has been with the Resort for 30 years, and has worked in various capacities to support and beautify the property grounds.  He has been the Superintendent for the Crystal Springs Golf Course. Craig’s role grew to include overseeing the expansive grounds at Crystal Springs Resort, the vegetable and herb plantings of the Chef’s Garden, as well as the lush tropical plants found within the Biosphere Pool Complex.

Nicole Szeredy is the Horticulturist at Crystal Springs Resort and manages the daily operations of the Chef’s Garden during its growing season. She cares for and starts the growth of the vegetables and flowers for this extraordinary venue. Additionally, Nicole selects and oversees the arrangement of the Resort’s seasonal interior plants, plus attends to the plants in the Biosphere Pool Complex and the flowers of the wedding garden and Vista 180° pool grounds.

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