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Solar Farm at Crystal Springs Resort
The Northeast's Largest Solar Powered Resort
Over 200 Locally Sourced Menu Ingredients


Crystal Springs Resort is home to the Northeast's largest resort-based solar farm, comprised of 19,000 solar panels on 25 acres, generating 3.5 megawatts annually. This output is greater than the combined power consumption of our two hotels.  Establishment of this solar farm aligns with additional efforts undertaken by the Resort in pursuit of ongoing environmental stewardship, and include the following:

  • Partnership with Jersey Central Power & Light (JCP&L) and the New Jersey Audubon Society to create the Black Bear Pollinator Corridor, a habitat for bees, butterflies and birds on one of our six golf courses.
  • Membership on the New Jersey Audubon Corporate Stewardship Council, which emphasizes voluntary environmental stewardship, sustainability, habitat conservation partnerships and public education.
  • Culinary initiatives including a sophisticated kitchen waste management program designed to utilize peels, trimmings and bones in creative and flavorful ways, as well as dedicated monitoring of food use levels.
  • Development of sustainability-themed teambuilding and group activity programs including Solar Farm Education, Bee Hive Box Build, Foraging with the Botanical Hiker, Food Preservation Workshops and more.

Further, Crystal Springs Resort will resume its efforts to complete its sustainability certification, focusing on best internal practices, accommodations, food & beverage and waste management.     

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