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Spending a day at Reflections Spa can reinvigorate you, relax you, and even inspire you. A pampering day of renewal awaits at our soothing oasis.

Treat yourself to a truly lavish and decadent spa experience at Reflections Spa at Grand Cascades Lodge. Our day spa and massage oasis is raising the bar in the industry in every detail from the waiting area, to the treatment room, to the product lines is designed to leave you with an overwhelming feeling of luxury, elegance, and beauty - promising to amaze even the most seasoned spa-goer.

Reflections Spa & Salon

Revel in the glamorous décor, as we showcase a series of unique features including:

  • A breathtaking 8,000 quartz crystal ceiling containing healing powers from the earth to illuminate your entrance into Reflections Spa.
  • Calming water features to soothe you through each corridor.
  • Gorgeous fire-inspired art glass throughout the spa's interior and exterior.
  • A truly amazing sensorial space to culminate your journey with an exfoliating salt bath followed by a foot soak in your own personal reflecting pool.

Reflections Spa will heal and renew you with a range of relaxing and one-of-a-kind facial and body treatments. Our unique array of services include many themes and elements of the resort and local environment, such as "The Wine Cellar" featuring treatments using wine and grape seed extracts in your services.

To make your spa experience even more indulging, we offer these complimentary features with your treatment:

  • Post-service foot soak
  • Steam shower usage
  • Pink champagne and specialty chocolates
  • Midweek Biosphere Pool Complex usage (September through June 20th)

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Reservations & Policies

Volcanic Clay Purifying Facial | 50 min $155

This ultra-cleansing facial incorporates a powerful purifying mask made from a blend of botanical essences in a base of Volcanic Ash and Kaolin, two of nature’s most powerful detoxifiers. Helichrysum, Lavender, Sandalwood and Rosewood are just a few of the exotic wild crafted ingredients that calm the mind while rejuvenating the skin and promoting cell regeneration. Leaving your skin feeling relaxed and silky smooth.

Chai-Soy Detoxifying Facial | 50 min $155

The aromatic spices of Chai are the inspiration for this deep cleansing facial. Let the familiar aroma of Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Clove promote circulation and detoxification of oily and congested skin while Horse Chestnut and Marigold strengthen week capillaries and soothe the skin. Indian Springs Mineral Clay, Organic Soy and Alfalfa form the base of this mask and provide the skin with essential minerals and antioxidants followed by a light application of moisturizer, uncovering your fresh and clear complexion.

Rejuvenating Wellness Facial | 50 min $160

Maximize healing and rejuvenation of skin, addressing concerns during all phases of cancer therapy, recovery & survival. This safe and soothing treatment aids in the support of regaining a healthy feel and appearance. As well as, managing and improving changes your skin may experience during treatment phases, all while you drift away into blissful relaxation. This facial embodies our core belief that radiant skin is a reflection of who we are. *Oncology approved products used

Glowing Spiced Wine Facial | 50min $160

Intoxicate your skin and your senses with our spiced wine glow facial. Let the blend of cherry pepper extract warm your skin as it increases circulation followed by a high dose of vitamin C to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. While gentle honey adds a boost, let your freshly exfoliated skin relax as it nestles into a cooling mask infusing your face with intense hydration. Seal the deal with a finishing touch of spiced wine toner locking in moisture revealing a sparkling glow.

Rose Quartz Luxe Signature Facial | 50 min $165

Melt into relaxation with our luxe signature facial. Let the aroma blend of lush berry puree and rosehip oil work in harmony to brighten, tighten and hydrate the skin while a warming mask increases circulation and gently draws out impurities. Allow your mind to drift away as you are massaged into bliss utilizing our rose quartz cold stone therapy which releases facial tension, and promotes lymphatic drainage, increased circulation and reduces inflammation leaving you feeling healthy and energized revealing healthy radiant skin.

Green Tea & Ginger Facial | 50 min $175

This facial is an extremely calming treatment and is beneficial for even the most sensitive skin. The Green Tea and Ginger Sea Enzyme Mask will detoxify, then replenish the skin using a variety of ingredients delicately blended with Green Tea and Ginger. This clean, refreshing mask delivers minerals, vitamins and enzymes delivering a velvety smooth appearance you’ve been waiting for.

Glycolic Radiance Facial | 50 min $185

Brighten and protect the skin you’re in. This targeted and results driven facial peel actively diminishes fine lines, hyperpigmentation and dry skin with result that can be seen with just one treatment. Your dramatic results are enhanced with a specialty serum providing extended hydration and protection for your skin. This facial will not only brighten your skin but also provide extended hydration and protection against aging elements.

Red Carpet Facial | 100 min $275

Put your best face forward with, this results-oriented treatment utilizes a unique protein enzyme, known as the “liquid gold”, to stimulate cell metabolism to dramatically improve the skin’s appearance. After the initial cleansing and skin analysis, you will receive a stimulating cinnamon enzyme peel that will increase lymphatic drainage while deep cleansing each pore. Next, two soy protein masks are lightly layered over the peel for effective detoxifying and tightening results. While the masks dry to enhance dermal toning, a luxurious anti-aging massage cream is smoothed over your hands and arms. This facial will reveal beautiful transformed skin.

Isolated Body Facial | 50 min $155

Our soothing back facial targets an often neglected part of our body with facial quality products that will leave the pores free of impurities while hydrating the skin and relieving tension. This treatment can be customized to accommodate any type of skin; however, it is a must for those with problematic skin types, specifically prone to back acne.

Art of Reflection | 50 Min $145 | 100 Min $275

Our signature massage is a centering, balancing, choreographed massage of movement. Enjoy a feeling of complete clarity and well-being through this complete sensory experience. 

Vinotherapy | 50 min $160 | 100 min $290

This luxurious antiaging body massage delivers powerful wine-based antioxidants for the entire surface of the body while the healing massage improves circulation, eases muscle tension and improves flexibility. Let the elegant and smooth aroma of Chardonnay oil melt into your skin providing a silky glow all over.

Active Life | 50 min $160 | 100 min $290

Designed with busy on the go lifestyles in mind, this massage is especially helpful for specific areas of discomfort, this deeper working massage releases tight muscles, stimulates circulation and improves range of motion through a variety of techniques, focused friction and muscle manipulation. This massage compliments any lifestyle no matter how active.

Balancing Aromatherapy Oil Massage | 50 min $170 | 100 min $300

Based on the ancient healing arts of Chakra Therapy, this aromatic journey targets the energy centers of the body with unique Chakra balancing luxury oils. Relax into your personalized experience while the rich organic aromatic blends harnesses harmony between the mind and the body as you are massaged with healing botanical oils that reflect your chosen intention.

Muscle Melt Cupping Therapy | 80 min $275

Slip into deep relaxation as we blend massage work and soft cupping techniques delivering incredible benefits to your range of motion and lymphatic circulation. Soft cups are slowly glided across the body, softening tight muscles, lifting connective tissues, bringing hydration to the skins surface and providing deep muscle pain relief. These are just a few benefits of this service which we close with a facial refresher to relieve any facial tensions.

Warm Gemstone Therapy | 100 min $285

This ultimate relaxation treatment begins by placing Chakra gemstones on the body to bring balance to your energy pathways. As the journey continues a full-body massage using special mineral-infused lotions and colorful gemstones in combination with warm stones as massaging tools to release tension from your body. Bringing you back to a well-balanced and rested state.

Four-Hand Massage | 50 min $290

Once you’ve experienced a two-therapist, four-hand massage — you’ll remember it...possibly forever. Beyond the sheer nirvana of one therapist caressing your head, the other your feet ~ and then, in perfect unison, your entire body ~ there’s the bonus of total and absolute relaxation, of time and place forgotten.

Rest & Renewal Mother-To-Be | 50 min $145

The nine month journey of nurturing is a special time. This massage is specifically designed to comfort the expectant mother and is adapted to each stage of pregnancy. Soothing strokes and comfy cushions ease and relax moms-to-be. This deeply restorative treatment is designed to help improve sleep, reduce stress and soothe muscle fatigue to prepare you for motherhood. *Please note: Mothers must be clear of their first trimester.

Grand Cru & Chardonnay Scrub | 50 min $165

Intoxicate your senses with the perfect aromatic blend while we exfoliate your body with our Grand Cru Sugar scrub, followed by the sweet aroma of Chardonnay oil. This grapeseed infused treatment not only leaves behind fragrant, silky glowing skin but is also packed with antiaging benefits and is full of antioxidants.

Decadent Cinnamon Brown Sugar Scrub | 50 min $165

An exquisite pleasure for body and mind, this treatment is designed for those who want immediate results for satiny soft and radiant skin. Using brown sugar crystals, the dead skin is gently exfoliated to create a thin veil of moisturizing protection for a silky sheen. The skin is then hydrated with a protein-rich warm vanilla moisturizer revealing all over soft, silky, shimmering skin.

Green Tea & Ginger Body Wrap | 50 min $175

Stimulate your body’s metabolism with a dry brush exfoliation followed by a nourishing Green Tea, Ginger Root and Seaweed body wrap. This powerful cocktail will stimulate, balance and feed your skin nature’s most complete source of nutrition. A finishing touch of Coconut-infused moisturizer will leave you feeling smooth and youthful.

Espresso-Limón Slimming Treatment | 50 min $185

For the sleek, smooth body you have been looking for… this firming treatment utilizes an all-natural Espresso-Limón slimming oil, combined with an exclusive dual-action legendary Euro dry-body brushing technique that works to assist the body in ridding itself of stagnate toxins, which appear as cellulite and cause water retention. The result... a diminished appearance of imperfections and a body that looks and feels slimmer and smoother!

Detoxifying Sensory Body Ritual | 100 min $245

This detoxifying treatment begins with an aromatic sea salt body scrub that awakens the skin making it more receptive to a purifying botanical mask of Black Baltic Mud and wild crafted essential oils. While a warm cocoon draws out toxins, drift into bliss during a soothing scalp massage, cold stone therapy facial and foot massage relieving facial tension, improving circulation and promoting lymphatic drainage. Recharge under a rainfall shower as you rinse away this revitalizing mud. Followed by a moisturizing massage application of Rosemary aromatherapy. This treatment is designed to detoxify, revitalize and tighten the skin while awakening your senses.

Spa Manicure & Pedicure

These luxurious hand and foot treatments reveal satiny soft skin. Using our Cinnamon Brown Sugar and Honey crystals, the dead skin is gently exfoliated to create a thin veil of moisturizing protection. The skin is then hydrated with a delicious Vanilla crème with antioxidants and phytonutrients for a dewy glow.

  • Spa Manicure | $50
  • Spa French Manicure | $55
  • Spa Pedicure | $60
  • Spa French Pedicure | $65
  • Gel Manicure | $60

Fingers or Toes Polish Refresher | $15 (French + $5)

Not your normal polish change. Leave with a refresher for your nails, while changing the original color.

Bordeaux Luxury Hand Treatment | $65 (French + $5)

Your hands will be immersed in a wine essence, vanilla plum soak and exfoliated with gentle jojoba beads. Enjoy the Chardonnay Massage oil that deeply relaxes and nourishes enhancing the hands. A Bordeaux hydrating mask will enhance the appearance of tired hands with clove, orange and cinnamon essential oils.

Primitivo Deluxe Pedicure | $75 (French + $5)

Treat your tired feet to a luxurious “Foot Facial”! Start off with a deep cleansing exfoliation with our Grand Cru Sugar scrub followed by a nourishing honey healing mask finished off with a Chardonnay oil massage, à la Vinotherapy! This treatment will stimulate circulation and improve the appearance of your legs and feet. Be sure to wear your best sandals!


Ease the mind and body through the soles, this aromatherapy pedicure targets the energy centers of the body. Let our gentle and tranquil dry scrub exfoliate your legs and feet while the luxury oils breathe moisture back into your skin. Relax & take a deep breath to let aromatic layers reveal themselves during the soothing leg and foot massage.

Couples Rendezvous | 50 min $290 for two | 100 min $500 for two

The soft glow of candlelight enhanced by the feel of long, flowing massage strokes on the skin, melts tension away as you and your partner relax while the gentle music takes your senses to places that are yours and yours alone.

Chardonnay, Nectar & Honey Couples Bliss | 100 min $550 for two

Rejuvenate your body and soul with this luxurious side by side, full-body experience. First renew your skin with our Signature Chardonnay Cassis and French Oak exfoliation. This blissful experience is followed by our intoxicating signature vinotherapy application of warm Chardonnay oil melting into your skin.

Executive Facial | 50 min $155

This facial addresses the most common skin issues for men such as ingrown facial hairs, razor burn and overactive oil glands. We first cleanse and exfoliate the skin using a citrus cleanser and gentle apricot scrub. Followed by a clay mask of volcanic clay and china ash that will that will deep cleanse and refresh the skin. A skin specific serum is then applied to refine texture. Finish with a lightweight moisturizer gently massaged into the skin.

Active Life Massage | 50 min $160 | $100 min $290

A deeper working massage to release tight muscles and stimulate circulation through a variety of techniques, focused friction and muscle manipulation.

Salon Services for Men

Gentleman's Cut | $35

A warm towel, a gentle shampoo and a quick haircut just for the gentlemen.

Single Process | $40

Using a professional hair color for men, enhance your natural style with gray reduction or highlights, including mustache and beard. Permanent or temporary color is offered.

Executive Nail Grooming

Our hand and foot care is designed to groom the nails, condition the cuticles, soothe tired hands and feet with revitalizing massage and moisturize the skin.

  • Gentlemen's Manicure | $35
  • Gentlemen's Pedicure | $50

Gentlemen's Waxing

  • Back | $55
  • Shoulder | $25
  • Chest | $40
  • Eyebrow | $20 
  • Full Arm | $45
  • Half Arm | $25
  • Full Leg | $70
  • Half Leg | $40

* Deep conditioning can be added to any below services | $25

Haircut (Shampoo, Cut & Style) | $55

Let one of our stylists treat you to a cut that will have you receiving compliments from all.

Styling (Shampoo & Style) | $50 & up

Let us do the work for you. We will gently shampoo, condition and style your hair just the way you like it.

Deep Conditioning Treatment & Style | $70

A luxurious treatment to assist you in keeping a softer, more supple, healthier head of hair. Relax as our deep conditioning mask penetrates your scalp to promote new growth as it nourishes and repairs damaged strands. Followed by a voluminous, silky blowout.

Single Process Color | $70 & up

Whether you need a refresher or an entirely new look, our expert colorists can help you achieve the look you want.

Highlights & Lowlights | Partial $110 & up | Full $150 & up

Add some multi-dimensional color effects to your hair to give it a refreshing new look.

Special Occasion Hair | $70

Need a special look for a special occasion? Let us help you look and feel your best.

Hair Removal

  • Eyebrow | $20
  • Bikini | $45
  • Brazilian | $65
  • Full Arm | $45
  • Half Arm | $25
  • Full Leg | $70
  • Half Leg | $40
  • Underarm | $20
  • Back | $55
  • Lip | $10

Wedding Day Hair

Let one of our stylists give you an up-style for your wedding day that will leave the groom breathless.

Wedding Day Makeup Application

Let one of our professionals take the stress out of your wedding day by applying your makeup for you.