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OrvisĀ® Fly Fishing Clinic

There is an innate beauty in a fly cast. There is a sense of satisfaction and well being that comes from standing in a stream or on the shoreline and rhythmically casting a fly line. The fly line, moving through the air, floating, unrolling, seemingly weightless, appears to defy the law of gravity. 

Most people are familiar with Spin or Bait casting. Spin fishinermen cast a lure or weight on the end of the line and like throwing a rock, they hurl the weight and the line follows. In fly casting, we attempt to cast an almost weightless fly, made of feathers, hair and thread, to a target and present that fly in a manner that will imitate a natural food source. In fly casting, the line itself is the weight and the fly is along for the ride. 

COME LEARN TO FLY FISH with our ORVIS® Endorsed Fly Fishing Course

Add something special to your vacation! This clinic combines the Orvis® fly fishing 101 and 201, and affords the attendee all the knowledge to go out and continue on your own. Learn about the cast, knots, equipment and everything to do with Fly Fishing, including time on the pond. 

Come join us, on a beautiful morning in the country, and go home with a wealth of knowledge that will provide a life-long gateway to the enjoyment of the outdoors. 

Availability: April through September
Reservations: This exclusive experience is offered by appointment only. Please call   for reservations. Reservations must be made by 6pm the night prior to the program
Time: Sunday mornings 8-10am 
Price: $55 per person.
Where: Hosted at Grand Cascades Lodge
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Classes require a minimum total participant count of 5 people. Class may be cancelled the night prior if not enough people are signed up. Ages 10+. Experience is hosted rain or shine. All equipment is provided.