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Autumn apple picking has been an American tradition for nearly two centuries. As large cities, such as New York City, grew exponentially in the early-to-mid 1800s so did agrotourism. Exhausted by the continual grind of city life, residents began flocking to the countryside for a quiet and serene day on the farm. In September and October, New York City inhabitants pack their kids in the car and head to our lovely slice of paradise for an autumn NJ family vacation. No doubt on the itinerary will be an afternoon of apple picking. There are three supreme apple orchards in the charming town of Warwick, NY, only 13 miles northeast of Crystal Springs Resort. Pull on your favorite flannel, dust off your boats, and study your trusted roadmap because it’s nearly apple picking season!

Apple Picking in Warwick, NY

Pennings Orchard

We highly recommend crossing the state line into New York for a day of apple picking because they have three terrific options within minutes of each other. Some of our guests love apple picking so much that they visit each farm. Pennings Orchard is a beautiful 13-mile drive through the lush New Jersey Skylands. Their breathtaking valley is bustling with 21 apple varieties. As always, please consult their website for up-to-date picking schedules. Pennings has a corn maze, petting zoo, hayrides, and arguably the best apples in the region. Braeburns, ideal for pies, are available in early October. Visit in mid-September for the rare Daybreak Fuji apple, crisp and juicy Macoun, and the underrated Courtland.

Masker Orchards

Masker Orchards is five miles east of Pennings. “Maskers” has 14 apple varieties, beautiful views, and 200 acres of ripe apple picking. The middle of September is Granny Smith season. These tart and crisp green apples originated in Australia in the 1860s. Jonagolds, meanwhile, are immensely popular in Europe. They’re a Jonathan and Golden Delicious hybrid, creating a deliciously balanced flavor profile. Maskers have a family-friendly haunted house, apple maze, face painting, music, and a pumpkin patch. An NJ family getaway isn’t complete without an afternoon at Pennings or Maskers.

Ochs Orchard

Ochs Orchard rests in the NY hillside between Pennings and Maskers. This scenic orchard may have the best mountain vistas of the three farms. Ochs also has a fantastic market store that’s open seven days a week. They have 23 apple varieties, so you’re in for a sweet and tart treat. While Ochs doesn’t have the family-friendly events other area orchards have, it’s the ideal locale for a romantic stroll. You can also pick raspberries, peaches, vegetables, tomatoes, pumpkins, and much more. The perfectly sugary and acidic Honeycrisps are available in mid-September. Yummy Galas, Empires, and McIntosh's are also available in September.

NJ Family Vacation

If you’re visiting Crystal Springs Resort in early October, take the scenic drive north to the annual Warwick Applefest, one of the largest apple festivals in the country. This free autumn festival is the ideal event for any NJ family vacation. Explore our October events and activities for other family-friendly ideas!