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Planning a meeting or a corporate retreat can be stressful, but with Crystal Springs Resorts you’ll find that our four-star resort near NYC offers the perfect and stress-free location. Our meeting facilities have over 100,000 square feet of customizable fun; you’ll be set for a weekend retreat where motivation and rejuvenation are intertwined! When thinking about what to do as a team before your meetings, here are three icebreakers for you to get your sessions started with a positive attitude!


One of the best icebreakers that will get your group moving is the Hot and Cold Game.

What you’ll need: nothing but your creativity!

You’ll want to gather a group in one of our meeting facilities, then select 1 to 2 people (or ask for volunteers). Your 1 to 2 chosen people will then wait outside the room while the larger group comes up with an action they must perform when they get back (i.e., writing at a desk, crumpling a piece of paper, etc.). Once the motion is decided, bring the chosen player/s back into the room. As the player begins to do actions, have the group cheer (hot) as they get closer to the correct response, and boo (cold) when they get farther away. The game ends when the chosen player/s perform the mystery action.

While it’s a great action game and icebreaker for a large group, you can break it up into teams, where players can compete to see who figures out the mystery action first! This activity is a great way to wake people up in the morning and get their brains thinking, as well as produce positive praise.


A great game idea to get everything mingling, is Who Am I? This fun exercise is sure to get everyone in your group talking to one another!

What you will need: self-adhesive labels (or name tags) and a marker.

Before your team arrives, have prepared name tags with names of people everyone will know (i.e., SUPERMAN, INDIANA JONES, HARRY POTTER, BATMAN, etc.) as people enter the room, place a name tag on their back, where others can see, but they cannot. Once everyone has a name on their back, instruct them to mingle and ask only, “Yes,” or, “No,” questions to get clues as to who they are. It’s an excellent way for everyone to talk, chat, and get ready for the day with a fun take on guessing who they are.

Team Building

The next item that you’ll want to try relates to team building, which will help to promote a sense of unity within the group. Worries in the Hat is a great way to start or end your day.

What you’ll need: paper, pens, and a hat/bowl.

To start, have your group members, anonymously write down one thing they worry about and have them place the paper in a hat or bowl. Draw from the collection and read aloud, while the group discusses and understands the worry. This game will allow your team to focus on discussions about things at work, how to improve, and what are goals that your group can reach. You can also play this game with positives/goals as well!

Along with our outstanding meeting venues and conference center, you’ll find two lodging options, luxury spas, spectacular golf courses, and so much more, when you book a corporate retreat at one of the best resorts near NYC, Crystal Springs!

3 Icebreakers to Get Your Meeting Started