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Using Technology To Guarantee The Quality Of Your Wine

At Crystal Springs Resort, our promise of good wine is represented by fantastic reds and whites housed in a world-renowned wine cellar, as well as charming tours, we've taken our promise a step further - to a guarantee.

Our hallmark is a revolutionary new technology – developed exclusively for Crystal Springs Resort – that can test whether your wine is pristine, tainted, or somewhere in between … without damaging the bottle, cork, or vintage itself! This remarkable technology can also certify a wine’s authenticity.

Known as the Wine NMR, our testing apparatus was created by scientists at the University of California and is the only one of its kind in the world. Now you can remove the guesswork from collecting or trading fine wine.

The unparalleled value of the Wine NMR is that it can authenticate the quality of valuable fine wines … guiding collectors to those  that are pristine with respect to oxidation and maderization. Conversely, if the wines are not pristine, the Wine NMR gives the collector some idea about how much time the wine might have left, thus imposing a timeline to sell or drink it.

NMR Wine Scanner

In an age when more collectors are assembling and trading fine wines, having a technology that can accurately assess expensive vintages is a boon. With a simple test, you no longer need to guess if a wine has been treated properly or how long to keep it. That is a real comfort and enhancement to an auction-house evaluation of a bottle -- particularly one with a price tag in the thousands.

While there has always been a risk in buying old wines, and an inherent excitement in evaluating the condition of the wine, our fantastic technology adds a dimension of hard data that augments the tasting and collecting experience. In the end, knowing whether a wine is pristine, should be enjoyed, and over what timeframe will add a new chapter to collecting and enjoying fine wines.

The amazing new technology promises to revolutionize the wine industry, making wine collections and the experience of buying fine wines better for all.

Testing and certification available by appointment. Results guaranteed. Email Robby Younes, Crystal Springs Resort Wine Director and VP of Hospitality at