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Menu of Services

Decadent Body Ritual | 50 mins $140

This luxurious experience begins with a stimulating dry brush exfoliation followed by an artful blend of 3 delicious body masks containing cocoa, pumpkin puree, yogurt and honey. A deeply hydrating moisturizer with blends of green melon and cucumber extract compliments this exquisite ritual.
*Includes a relaxing vichy rainshower.

Detoxifying Desert Silk | 50 mins $130

Smooth, firm and detoxify as a fine pumice mineral mud mask clears dead skin cells and a cactus toning gel improves skin elasticity to help firm and tighten the surface. Refreshing and lightly scented antioxidant-rich body oil improves skins texture and instantly soothes skin. *
*Includes a relaxing vichy rainshower.

Invigorating Agave Salt Glow | 50 mins $130

A refreshing salt exfoliator stimulates the renewal of skin texture. Agave nectar oil nourishes skin and provides anti-aging benefits to keep skin youthful and glowing. 

Brown Sugar Body Polish | 50 mins $130

An intoxicatingly sweet exfoliation using brown sugar to polish away dead skin. A lightly scented shea butter is also used to restore the skin’s silkiness.

Thai Herbal Ball | 100 mins $230

Aromatherapy, heat therapy and herbal therapy are brought together in this refined and highly specialized service. The Thai Herbal Balls contain therapeutic herbs selected for their ability to stimulate your internal organs as well as reduce inflammation, ease arthritis, improve digestion and circulation along with being an antiseptic and decongestant. Herbs such as camphor will penetrate sore muscles while lemongrass, ginger and turmeric introduce high anti-oxidant properties. Your results will not only be rejuvenating but relaxing as your stress and fatigue fade away. 

Therapeutic | 50 mins $120 | 80 mins $192 | 100 mins $240

Our therapeutic massage incorporates long, fluid strokes of varying depth of light to medium pressure. You will have improved circulation, relaxed muscles, diminished stress and enhanced immune functioning.

Shared Tranquility | 50 mins $240 | 80 mins $385 | 100 mins $480

Therapeutic massage for two that will pamper you in a luxurious and calming atmosphere.

CBD Hemp Oil Massage | 50 mins $175 | 80 mins $220

This massage is the perfect way to relieve stress, anxiety and tension. Elements Spa is honored to use this new technique to help our guest relax faster and at a deeper level, making it possible for greater release of muscle aches and pains and much more without any psychotropic effects. Cannabis infused creams and oils work by being absorbed through the skin and binding to our CB2 receptors, which are found throughout the body. Our therapist will integrate several modalities to meet your needs and intentions at that specific time.

Elements Signature Massage | 100 mins $275

A taste of everything all in one! When you don’t want to choose your favorite service you can now get them all. Enjoy 100 minutes of pure bliss from stone, aroma, pressure of your choice, dry brushing — the mechanical action to exfoliate the skin. Increase blood circulation and promote lymph flow, stimulate your nervous system, which can make you feel invigorated afterwards. Finish off with a scalp massage that also includes a sinus relief and facial massage.

Aromatherapy | 50 mins $125 | 80 mins $200 | 100 mins $250

Enhance your massage experience with the therapeutic benefits of synergistically chosen aromatherapy blends to directly affect your mind, body and spirit. A light to medium pressure, this massage will leave you feeling relaxed and renewed.

Deep Stress Relief | 50 mins $135 | 80 mins $215 | 100 mins $270

Tension in the body is released through slow strokes using firm pressure. Areas of concern are addressed and tailored exclusively to you–working within your comfort level. This will enhance circulation, detoxify the muscles and ensure deep relaxation.

Sports Therapy | 50 mins $135 | 80 mins $215 | 100 mins $270

A full body target-specific massage specifically for the active athlete or anyone on the go. A medium to firm pressure massage that incorporates stretching for optimum results that invigorates tired, sore muscles, decreasing muscle tension while promoting flexibility.

Sacred Hot Stone | 50 mins $155

This ancient art of healing uses elements of Mother Nature to relieve tense muscles, sore joints and the everyday stresses of life. A light massage integrating traditional therapeutic massage strokes with the placement of warm stones will uplift and restore the body and mind.

Reflexology | 50 mins $130

This ancient healing therapy stimulates the reflex points of the hands and feet. While relaxing and rejuvenating each part of the body, energy and balance are restored. This is a target-specific massage and will help eliminate toxins from the body and stimulate circulation.

Maternity | 50 mins $120

A nurturing full body massage for the soon-to-be mother, this full body massage releases tensions and eases the discomforts of pregnancy. (This service can only be performed if the guest is in the 2nd trimester.)

Indulgent Additions | $5

Enhance any massage with an aromatic blend of natural oils.

Elements Ultimate Facial | 90 mins $280

This unique anti-aging facial fights lines, wrinkles and age spots to achieve a radiant glow. This treatment features a lactic /glycolic peel to accelerate cell renewal and includes ultrasound wave therapy or micro current therapy to create firmer, smoother, and tighter skin. Includes the following deluxe enhancements — Special collagenmask, foot treatment, age defying hand treatment, décolletage & lip treatment.

Signature Cucumber Hydrating Facial | 50 mins $125

A calming, soothing, hydrating facial gently sweeps away surface impurities with cucumber extract, which also contains ascorbic acid having an astringent effect on the skin. Reduce sensitivity and help diminish the appearance of broken capillaries. Adding allantoine that improves skin’s moisture binding capacity. Excellent for all skin types including sensitive.

Organic Facial | 50 mins $125

This Organic facial incorporates the latest advances in natural/organic skin care, with 100% natural, minimum 70% organic ingredients. Natural fruit acids, derived from bilberry, sugar cane and sugar maple, help rapidly exfoliate dead skin cells for immediate improvement in skin clarity and texture. Organic grape stem cells, kombucha, spirulina, seaweed and tea extracts nourish, tone, soothe, improve skin tone and combat the visible signs of aging skin.

Gentlemen's Executive Facial | 50 mins $125

A nourishing, deep cleaning facial formulated for men. Lemon peel extract, citrus extract, algae, avocado and kaolin refresh, hydrate and deep clean the skin. A custom treatment suited for the gentlemen, our men’s facial consists of a two part exfoliation system to remove dead skin cells while vitamins, minerals, peptides and botanical extracts improve tone, texture and address irritation associated with shaving, all while combating the visible signs of aging skin.

Purifying Back Treatment | 50 mins $125 | Peel Upgrade $25

This custom back treatment is designed to deep cleanse, gently exfoliate and hydrate skin. Relax, unwind and allow your skin to be pampered with soothing extracts of white, red and green tea. Your skin will feel refreshed and revived after one treatment. The back facial can be upgraded with a lactic acid peel treatment..

Detox Deep Pore Cleansing Facial | 50 mins $140

Deep cleansing facial is an exfoliating treatment that helps skin become free of dead skin cells and other impurities by using galvanic and high frequency, boosting the blood circulation within the skin, helping to repair skin cells. This facial treatment is great for anyone who is looking for clearer and glowing skin. Adding a powerful patented anti-oxidant blend of white, red and green tea extract with pine, willow bard, lavender, lemon peel, arnica and algae which plays a key role in the elasticity of the skin and has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

Pumpkin Enzyme Facial | 50 mins $140

The perfect facial for skin that needs a boost. Rejuvenates, regenerates and revitalizes dull aging skin. Powerful spicy pumpkin enzymes digest dead surface cells, stimulating cellular turnover, improving skins tone and texture. 15% pumpkin extract along with hyaluronic acid maintain and attract water, minimizing water loss in the skin. This anti-oxidant treatment features Vitamin A, C and E, valuable minerals and amino acid.

Cranberry Pomegranate Moisture Facial | 50 mins $140

A luxurious hydrating facial with cranberry minerals, and flavonoids to replenish the skin. Using rose extract from morocco, ginkgo biloba extract from china, linden flower from Europe and shea butter from Africa, stimulates the growth of healthy tissue to improve skin’s moisture. Adding ultrasound wave massage improves product penetration helping to soften and moisturize the skin, improving overall hydration.

Mandarin Moisture Facial | 50 mins $140

A bouquet of fresh mandarin oranges awakens the skin, leaving it ultra-soft, visibly healthy, and radiant. Citrus, jojoba and avocado are added to restore hydration and helathy glow using ultrasound therapy.

Age Defying Copper Facial | 50 mins $170

An intensive, powerful anti-aging therapy composed of copper, an antioxidant that encourages production of collagen and stimulates cell turnover. Elastin and soluble collagen, combined with Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid play a vital role in the natural tissue building process. Combined with a lactic/glycolic peel and micro current therapy, this natural facelift therapy improves muscle tone, increases cellular activity and tightens skin.

Age Defying Hydrating Facial | 50 mins $170

This anti-aging, anti-wrinkle facial visibly corrects the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, transforming the skin aiming it more resilient, radiant and translucent. It provides continuous hydration by adding lactic/glycolic and ultrasound wave therapy to deeply penetrate collagen and elastin.

Rejuvenation Brightening Facial | 50 mins $170

An anti-aging, rejuvenation facial is designed to repair and restore fatigued, sun damaged or mature skin. The rejuvenating facial diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improves texture and achieves an overall healthy, soft and youthful glow. A combination of lactic/glycolic, lemon peel, bearberry, mulberry and micro current treatment leads to firmer and brighter looking skin.

Papaya Enzyme Facial | 50 mins $140

A regenerating facial featuring mango, pineapple and papaya enzymes to gently dissolve dead skin and stimulate new skin growth, allowing the nourishing oils of sweet almond and borage seed to hydrate, boost and transform the quality of your skin. This combination of enzymes encourages healing and promotes healthy, younger looking skin.

Microdermabrasion Facial | 50 mins $150

Microdermabrasion is a gentle exfoliation process that regenerates the skins’ surface increasing cell turnover and stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. Improve the appearance of large pores, acne scars, fine lines and hyperpigmentation. The final result is more vibrant, refreshed and youthful looking skin.

Bridal Facial | 50 mins $170

Planning a wedding can be stressful so it’s important to make time for your wellness. Treat yourself to a fancy facial before your big day. Our luxurious papaya enzyme facial is perfect for a bride! Bermesian mango, Paraguay pineapple and papaya from Mexico are a combination of fruit enzymes that gently dissolve dead surface impurities. It is a hydrating and clarifying facial in one. Powerful anti-oxidants such as red, white and green teas, also pomegranate and grape seed leave the skin soft, supple and radiant. During the facial, our skin care specialist will apply ultrasound wave therapy massage to deeply penetrate the skin, using brightening serum and moisture to rejuvenate the skin.

Pore Purifying Teen Facial | 50 mins $115 | Ages 13-17

Introducing our younger guests to the importance of a proper skin care regimen. Incorporating a personalized skin evaluation, our skin care specialists will teach the 3 key steps to a lifetime of healthy skin…cleansing, exfoliation and moisturizing, as well as sun protection and anti-blemish techniques. This facial is necessary for every teen to feel fresh and blemish free.

CBD Hemp Oil | $50

With its anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties, CBD is one of the best things to add to any skin care product. It works as an antioxidant, helping to soothe and treat painful acne, irritated skin and as a stimulant to cell rejuvenation so you can have skin that looks youthful and healthy.

Collagen Mask | $35

100% pure Collagen helps to maintain the skin’s youthfulness, improve texture and firmness as well as reduce the size of pores, fine lines and wrinkles.

Revital-eye Treatment | $25

Awaken tired and fatigued under eyes in minutes! Our eye treatment combines a unique phytelene complex of iron, magnesium, manganese and copper to energize skin with vitamins and antioxidants to hydrate, brighten and tone. Great treatment for all skin types, especially those looking to help alleviate under-eye puffiness, pigmentation, dryness, fine lines and wrinkles.

Antioxidant Lip Treatment | $10

Give lips the attention they deserve with our 100% natural (minimum 70% organic) Super Antioxidant Lip Treatment. Potent antioxidants astaxanthin and coenzyme Q10 blend with colloidal oatmeal, water lily, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and natural plant oils to help combat free radical damage, nourish and moisturize, leaving lips soft and hydrated.

Intensive Hydrating Hand Treatment | $25

Enjoy a soothing and calming hand treatment combining the most natural botanicals, vitamins and nourishing extracts. Our hand treatment intensively treats dehydration and pigmentation of the hands while improving hydration, tone and texture.

Ultrasound Therapy | $35

A non-invasive cosmetic procedure that uses focused ultrasound to stimulate the formation of new collagen deep below the skin’s surface.

High Frequency Scalp Therapy | $25

Increase blood circulation and encourage cellular turnover to promote healthier hair growth.

Cleanse, condition and style your hair with the earth’s bounty, a blending of pure essential oils from fruits, herbs and the flowers of aromatic plants. At Elements Spa, herbal therapy and botanical nutrient science combine to strengthen and condition your hair. Hair & Makeup service prices are starting rates and may vary.

Just for Her

  • Women's Design Cut | $55
  • Wash & Style | $40
  • Upstyle | $70
  • Long hair Wash & Style | $50
  • Makeup Application | $50
  • Deep Conditioning | $25

Just for Him

  • Men's Design Cut | $35
  • Men's Single Process | $40


  • Single Process | $70
  • Full Highlight | $150
  • Partial Highlight | $110

Wedding Services

  • Bridal Party Hair | $80
  • Bridal Party Makeup | $70
  • Bridal Party Blowout | $60
  • Airbrush | $90
  • Flower Girl Hair | $50
  • Lashes | $20
  • Flower Girl Makeup | $25

For The Bride

  • Bridal Hair | $100
  • Bridal Airbrush | $105
  • Bridal Makeup | $85
  • Lashes | $20

Specialized treatments soften skin and cuticles by replenishing lost moisture, strengthen nails for a healthy, youthful appearance while relaxing and recharging tired hand and foot muscles.

  • Polish Change | $15
  • Manicure | $30
  • Pedicure | $45
  • French Manicure | $35
  • French Pedicure | $50
  • Gel Manicure | $45
  • Gel Pedicure | $60

Hand Ritual | $50

Nourish, heal and condition hands with a manicure, warm aromatic mask and soothing lotion.

Foot Awakening | $65

Treat your feet to a pedicure, soothing scrub, hydrating foot mask and relaxing foot and leg massage.

Gently wax away unwanted hair for smooth, moisturized skin. Waxing service prices are starting rates and may vary.

  • Full Leg | $70
  • Full Arm | $45
  • Chest | $40
  • Half Leg | $40
  • Half Arm | $25
  • Lip | $10
  • Brazilian | $65
  • Under Arm | $25
  • Chin | $10
  • Bikini | $30
  • Back | $55
  • Eyebrow | $20
  • Face | $55

Pore Purifying Teen Facial | 50 mins $115 | Ages 13-17

Introducing our younger guests to the importance of a proper skin care regimen. Incorporating a personalized skin evaluation, our skin care specialists will teach the 3 key steps to a lifetime of healthy skin…cleansing, exfoliation and moisturizing, as well as sun protection and anti-blemish techniques. This facial is necessary for every teen to feel fresh and blemish free.

Hands & Feet | Ages 13 and up

Specialized treatments soften skin and cuticles by replenishing lost moisture, strengthen nails for a healthy, youthful appearance while relaxing and recharging tired hand and foot muscles.

  • Polish Change | $15
  • Manicure | $30
  • Pedicure | $45
  • French Manicure | $35
  • French Pedicure | $50
  • Gel Manicure | $45
  • Gel Pedicure | 60

Bee Pampered Manicure | 30 mins $24 | Ages 6-12

A manicure fit for a busy little Bee! First you’re whipped into softness with a Sweet Tea Shea butter polish. Next, your hands and arms will be drizzled and painted in a warm honey glaze, wrapped and then cocooned with warm towels. Finish with a Sweet Cream Milk hand and arm massage & classic manicure with polish and you’re ready to buzz about your day!

Coconut Cream Pop Pedicure | 30 mins $30 | Ages 6-12

This delicious pedicure begins with a coconut cream whole milk soak. Next, feet and legs are smoothed with a whipped Shea butter coconut scrub. Your feet will be painted with a chocolate mask to soften and hydrate. A light massage using scented sweet cream lotion + classic pedicure with polish tops off this yummy treat.

Strawberries & Chocolate Sundae Facial | 30 mins $65 | Ages 9-12

Put your best face forward with this scrumptious spa indulgence that smells good enough to eat. You’ll be pampered with a creamy coconut milk cleanser, and then sink into softness with a delicious butter and sugar polish. A rich dark chocolate mask- chock full of vitamins, nourishes and leaves a smooth surface behind. Enjoy a strawberry whipped shea butter arm massage while your face basks in chocolate heaven & a wholesome finish with a milk-infused moist towel.

Restrictions May Apply On These Services

Only available as a same day booking. Must book with the spa directly.

Express Massage | 25 Mins $65

Express Facial | 25 Mins $65

Scalp Massage | 20 Mins $50

Leg & Foot Massage | 20 Mins $50 | With Scrub $55

Select complimenting therapies and create unique two hour to full day spa excursions to indulge the body and transform the spirit. Allow us to create a personal spa package just for you.

Sport N' Spa | Full Day $155

Elements Spa guests may purchase a day pass to use Minerals Sports Club for $35 per person for each person spending a minimum of $120 in Elements Spa on services. Enjoy Minerals Sports Club including use of the steam room, sauna, whirlpools, 7 heated indoor and outdoor pools, weight and fitness room, cardiovascular center, sports court and scheduled exercise classes.

Evening Escape | $495

{Romantic Couples Massage} Enjoy a 100-minute Therapeutic Massage for two. Afterwards enjoy each other’s company in the foot soak with a glass ofchampagne and chocolate truffles. 20% off Kites will be presented to guest at checkout.

Ultimate Retreat | $485

{5 Hours, Massage, Mud Treatment, Facial, Manicure, Pedicure, Hair Service & Lunch} Take the ultimate indulgence and regroup your mind, body, and soul with a day of services. Over 5 hours of pampering to take you away from reality and give you a slice of heaven. Start with a 50 min Therapeutic Massage, next step into pure bliss with our Signature Mud Treatment with an array of muds to hydrate and moisturize all skin types. Refresh and tone with our cucumber facial to cleanse and bring back to life that beautiful complexion. It does not end yet! Relax in our beautiful salon while you enjoy a Spa Manicure and Pedicure, then finish your spa retreat with a refreshing wash and style, to leave you feeling brand new. Complimentary healthy salad at Kites. Kites Gift Card will be presented to guest at checkout.

Girlfriend's Day | $250 per person

{3 Hours, Massage, Mud Treatment & Lunch} Spend the day with your best friends! Relax and destress with a massage and our Signature Mud Treatment! After your treatments, take a few steps up to our onsite restaurant for a lite lunch to catch up and reminisce about life. Kites Gift Card will be presented to guest at checkout.

Men's Getaway | $285

{3.5 Hours, Massage, Facial, Pedicure} Men deserve a spa day too! After a long day or a rough week at work, relax and unwind with some spa treatments to boost you back up. Enjoy an Aromatherapy Massage, a Gentleman’s Executive Facial and Spa Pedicure. Life really is great & you deserve to be pampered too. Stop in to Kites and enjoy an adult beverage. Kites Gift Card will be presented to guest at checkout.

Elements Wellness Journey | $450

{4 Hours, Massage, Mud Treatment, Facial, Scalp Massage & Lunch} Sometimes life gets in the way and you forget about self-care. Treat your body good and take time to enjoy the moment, relax with a Hot Stone Massage, a Detox Mud Treatment, an Organic Facial, and a relaxing Scalp Massage. Complimentary healthy salad at Kites. Kites Gift Card will be presented to guest at checkout.