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In today’s overly connected world, sometimes all you need it to get away. If you find yourself scrolling endlessly through Instagram every evening or refreshing your email on your days off from work, visiting a retreat center in NJ will help you recharge—yourself, not your phone. Crystal Springs Resort is full of resources to help you unplug from technology and live in the moment. It’s the perfect place for the self-care retreat you deserve. Here’s how to nail your social media detox.

Fully Customizable Digital Detox Camp

When you visit our New Jersey resort and spa, you’ll have countless events and activities to try. Our two award-winning spas will help you relax and clear your mind. Our fitness and wellness center will feed your body and your mind, while our restaurants will feed your taste buds. You can customize your digital detox camp itinerary based on your personal interests and needs.

Self-Care Retreat Wellness

If your dream digital detox camp involves a yoga retreat, New Jersey has you covered! Crystal Springs Resort has 14 different kinds of yoga classes at our Mineral Sports Club. However, if cardio, HIIT, or weight lifting are more your style, our self-care retreat center in NJ has all of those too, with over 80 fitness classes.

New Jersey Resort and Spa Retreat

During a social media detox, it’s the perfect time to practice mindfulness. Our two award-winning spas, Reflections and Elements, will ease your stress and release any tension in your muscles. After all, your body and mind are inextricably connected, so when your body relaxes, your mind does too.

Get Outdoors and Offline for your Social Media Detox

There are plenty of ways to enjoy the fresh air at our New Jersey resort and spa. While you’re unplugging from technology, get outside and find an adventure. We have kayaking, archery, horseback riding, hiking, snowshoeing, and more. We even have six world-class golf courses. Whatever you like to do, it’s available at our retreat center in New Jersey. For most of these outdoor activities, you don’t even have to leave our property. 

How to Succeed at your Social Media Detox

Although we do have internet at Crystal Springs Resort, try not to use it while you’re here. Instead, head to your local bookstore to pick up a new favorite read. Vacations and photographs have become synonymous in our social-media-obsessed world, but resist the urge to post while you’re at Crystal Springs Resort. Even the most Instagram-worthy snaps of our immaculate grounds can wait. When you return home after your social media detox, that’s the time to share.

Off the grid vacations are becoming more and more popular as social media continues to rise in popularity. If you need to set your phone down and live in the moment, give us a call at 855-503-0968. We’ll help you plan the perfect getaway.