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Doug, Personal Trainer

Hello, my name is Doug and bodybuilding is my passion. I recently turned 24 and I have been working out since I was 14. I may not be to old, but I have had ample time to perfect my workouts and experiment with nutrition. I was first approached by a gym owner two years ago and he offered me a job as a trainer. Leading up to that moment I had never considered it, but I got certified and became a trainer for Snap Fitness in Sussex. I enjoy the job more than I could have ever imagined and I'm excited to branch out and start working with new clients. I am a very dedicated trainer and can work with anyone looking to improve their health and fitness. My ultimate goal as a trainer is to make working out fun and enjoyable, because if I can make you have fun in the gym then the results will surely follow.

I was born in San Diego California and ended up growing up in Sussex county New Jersey. I graduated from High Point High School and later received my BA in political science, that’s right you heard me correctly my other passion in life outside of the gym is the law. I am currently studying for the LSAT and have aspirations of going back to San Diego and attending law school. I may look like a meat head but don't be fooled, I did graduate from William Paterson University with honors (Magna Cum laude) , and even got to study abroad at Cambridge England, where I got to meet some of the worlds greatest scholars. I have big plans in life, but for now I need to study and save some money so in the meantime I will be found here teaching people everything I know about something I love.