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Croquet on the Lawn

 Discover a Smashing Good Time!

Croquet has a reputation of being either a genteel game for garden parties or played as a kid in Grandma’s backyard—yet it can be a fiercely competitive game of skill and strategy for teams or individuals. At Crystal Springs, we play the six-wicket version with serious equipment on a manicured lawn. Derived from the 160-year-old British sport, it’s a precise and tactical game requiring the “touch” that is part golf, the shot-making skills of billiards plus the strategy of chess. It’s also one of the fastest growing sports in America!

Croquet attracts players of all ages with physical strength offering no advantage. The basics are easy to learn, and yet there's always a new level to master for those who seek a challenge. Join us for one of history’s most civilized, social and addictive pastimes!

The Croquet Lawn is open seasonally (April-October) for daily play. Mallets and balls are available at the Pro Shop, and can be checked out for complimentary use by social and golf members, as well as hotel guests.

So swing into croquet at Crystal Springs.  It's not just a sport—it's a lifestyle!

Crystal Springs is a Member Club of the United States Croquet Association. For details on the USCA and to learn more about the sport, getting started playing, official rules, and tournament events, visit their website.

Golf Croquet is the introductory, six-wicket game played at Crystal Springs. It's popular because, compared with other tournament level games, it's easy to learn, the rules are simpler and it's more fast-paced. The players follow a course contesting each wicket in single stroke turns. As soon as one wicket is scored, all players move on to the next. Outmaneuvering your opponents, hampering their progress and scoring hoops is the key to winning. Golf Croquet offers unique challenges, active exercise, spirited competition and most importantly—fun! We invite you to visit the USCA website for more detailed information about Golf Croquet.

•   Play is on our bent grass Croquet Lawn
•   Our Club mallets stand 36” tall, weigh 3 lbs. and were handmade in New Zealand
•   The heavy cast iron wickets or “hoops” are set at 1/16” clearance
•   A center stake is the final point and displays the colors of the players’ turn rotation
•   The balls are matched sets of heavy, milled plastic weighing 1 lb. each
•   White attire is encouraged in the Wimbledon tradition, but not mandatory
•   Flat-soled shoes (tennis, sneakers, sandals) are requested to protect the court