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10 Reasons Your Company Needs a NJ Retreat

Most people know about Crystal Springs Resort’s championship golf courses, award-winning spas, and extravagant festivals, but we’re also one of the top-rated retreat and meeting venues along the East Coast. We host dozens of meetings throughout the year, ranging from casual team-building retreats to bi-annual board of directors’ summits. Crystal Springs Resort not only rests in the beautiful, quiet NJ Skylands, but you’ll quickly discover that we provide companies with over two dozen meeting venues, countless team-building activities, and refined farm-to-table cuisine.

World-Class Meeting Venues

Reasons Your Company Needs a Retreat

As one of the only team-building venues within 50 miles of New York City, we’ve helped piece together a wide variety of corporate retreats. We’ll make sure that your much-needed team outing is nothing short of flawless, from luxury lodging to the meticulously-planned activities. We’ve compiled ten reasons that your company needs a retreat based on our experience and customer feedback.

  1. Show appreciation – First and foremost, a retreat should convey to your employees how vital and appreciated they are to the company.
  2. Identify hidden skills and talents – One of the main reasons that companies embark on a retreat is to build chemistry through team-building exercises, but sometimes several employees break out of their “shell,” showcasing hidden talents.
  3. Encourage cross-departmental collaboration – Not only will there be downtime between meetings, activities, and meals to chat with employees who you seldomly see, but team-building exercises typically drive interdepartmental teamwork.
  4. Refocus employees – Sometimes a corporate retreat can do wonders on the mind, body, and soul after a long winter, tough quarter, or dizzying (albeit extremely profitable) push.
  5. Relax, refresh, and reflect – One of the best ways to ensure that your employees are geared up for another quarter is to allow them to relax, restore, and reflect in a calming environment.
  6. Inspire new ideasCrystal Springs Resort has a wide variety of meeting venues, all of which can be utilized to share new ideas in a welcoming, stress-free environment.
  7. Get to know each other better – If your company or team is large enough, you might not know anything about dozens of employees. A retreat allows employees from all corners of the world and backgrounds to converse in an accepting environment.
  8. Increase communication and encourage bonding – Dozens of our team-building activities, such as a mixology competition, chili cookoff, “Iron Chef,” and the customized obstacle course, unquestionably increase communication and help form lasting relationships.
  9. An opportunity to experience the outdoors – Most employees sit at their desk and occasionally gaze outside, longing for sunshine, soft breezes, and the sounds of chirping birds. Crystal Springs Resort is the perfect combination of natural beauty and sophistication!
  10. Ensure clarity – Not every employee understands the company’s top objectives, goals, and priorities. Use this time together to convey this essential information.

Crystal Springs’ World-Class Meeting Venues

Not only does Crystal Springs Resort have world-class meeting venues, but we’re home to six of the best golf courses in NJ, two award-winning spas, and 11 dining spaces. After a full day of meetings and team-building activities, play 18 holes of golf, soak in our tropical biosphere pool, and visit The Wine Cellar. To inquire about a potential corporate retreat to the NJ Skylands, please fill out this form, or give us a call today at 1-844-774-2733.