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The best time of the year to give your staff a well-deserved work retreat is during winter’s peak. Crystal Springs Resort is one of the premier corporate-friendly resorts near New York City thanks to our spacious meeting venues, award-winning spa treatments, and rewarding on-site teambuilding activities. Our four-season mountainside resort in Hamburg, NJ, has quickly transformed into a winter wonderland thanks to recent snowfall. Give your team a short break from New York City’s snowy, crowded streets with a retreat into the beautiful NJ Skylands. We have dozens of teambuilding activities to choose from, even in the wintertime. Here are three of our favorite seasonal snow-based activities here at Crystal Springs.

Top 3 Wintertime Teambuilding Activities at Crystal Springs

Winter Olympics

Nearly every corporate winter retreat chooses to participate in the on-site “Winter Olympics”. It’s hard to pass up an afternoon of snow sculpting, ice skating, ice carving, snow tubing, skiing, and broomball. The Winter Olympics not only challenges your staff’s abilities in a fun and safe environment, but these events promote teamwork, sportsmanship, and pride. Winning teams will earn gold medals and bragging rights!

Slalom Sled Team Race Competition

The slalom sled competition here at one of the largest resorts near New York City is the perfect opportunity for your team to practice creativity, determination, and a bit of engineering. Each team must design and build their own sled using miscellaneous items. The finished product will be put to the test in an amusing race to the finish line. Two “mushers” will pull one (or two) riders through a challenging slalom course. Judges, timers, supplies, permits, and private space at one of our award-winning golf courses in NJ are included in this package.

Search and Rescue

The “Search and Rescue” teambuilding exercise challenges the participant’s mind, body, and heart, as each team must find and rescue a “victim” that has been trapped under several feet of snow. A recent avalanche will force your team to use a GPS, beacons, probing poles, and real-life ski patrol rescue methods. Win or lose, this exercise is the most rewarding teambuilding activity at Crystal Springs Resort because it teaches humility, ingenuity, and teamwork.

Premier Corporate Resorts near New York City

Recently, we’ve written several pieces on creating the perfect corporate retreat at Crystal Springs Resort, including tips for hosting a successful off-site meeting, top meeting venues, award-winning corporate dining, and group activities. Regardless of the season, we can accommodate a memorable and successful business retreat near New York City. For a laid-back retreat, Minerals Hotel in nearby Vernon, NJ, is the perfect relaxing escape for executives. Give us a call today at   to inquire about a well-deserved corporate retreat to the NJ Skylands.