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Regardless of why you’re planning an offsite meeting near New York City, you’ve made the right decision in choosing luxurious Crystal Springs Resort. According to decades of data, offsite business meetings are typically productive, distraction-free, and memorable for everyone involved. Several nuances go into hosting a successful meeting. It’s important to be creative, flexible, and honest with your employees. Crystal Springs Resort has quickly become a premier team-building venue thanks to our world-class amenities, lavish facilities, and proximity to New York City. We’ve been helping businesses grow for decades, so we’ve seen it all. Here are ten critical tips for hosting a successful offsite meeting.

Tips for Hosting a Successful Offsite Meeting

An Offsite Meeting at Crystal Springs Resort

  1. Plan months in advance - You should start planning at least three months in advance for an offsite meeting. It takes a lot of preparation to plan and organize a team outing. Also, there’s no guarantee that we’ll have available facilities in a moment’s notice here at Crystal Springs Resort.
  2. The invite list should be small and diverse - Depending on the size of your company, you should keep the invite list to a select group of individuals. You might be tempted to pack the entire company in one of our elegant ballrooms, but offsite meetings should be ultra-focused. Make sure to invite key members from all departments and levels.
  3. Be clear about the team’s goals - Whether you’re planning to reward select individuals, challenge your team, or brainstorm with the board, it’s essential to be clear about what you expect to gain from the offsite meeting.
  4. Get creative - Don’t stick to the status quo. Switch things up by letting your employees dress casually, choose activities, or make fun rules.
  5. Provide a detailed itinerary - In order to stay on task, it’s important to provide your employees with a detailed itinerary. The agenda should Include room numbers, times, and brief descriptions.
  6. But be flexible - Yes, provide a detailed itinerary, but don’t be shackled by it. Spontaneity can be the perfect way to inject a little life into an offsite meeting, especially after a difficult conversation or lengthy presentation.
  7. Team-building activities - Plan at least one team-building exercise per day. Crystal Springs Resort has dozens of on-site activities, including murder mysteries, mixology, and obstacle courses!
  8. Close with clarity - The best way to finish each day is a brief ten-minute reflection. If new roles, priorities, and projects have been mapped out, restate the company’s new objectives.
  9. Collect anonymous feedback - A lot of successful offsite meetings had disastrous predecessors. We can all but guarantee that your meeting at Crystal Springs Resort will be rewarding, but it’s still important to gain constructive feedback the following Monday.
  10. Schedule a follow-up - Once you’ve collected feedback, schedule your next offsite meeting and start planning ways to make it the best one yet.

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While your team is team-building at Crystal Springs Resort, remember to make golf tee times or relax inside one of the best indoor pools in New Jersey: the Tropical Biosphere Complex. Give us a call at , or visit to learn more about our luxurious meeting venues, exceptional catering services, and team-building activities.