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Are you a fan of true crime podcasts and the board game Clue? Then a murder mystery weekend is the thing for you! Now, you might be wondering, “is there even a murder mystery weekend near me?” And the answer is yes, absolutely! The best murder mystery NJ has to offer is right here at Crystal Springs Resort. And when you join us for this murder mystery dinner, NYC isn’t far away. Grab your detective hat and put your puzzle-solving skills to test, and you’ll never think “there aren’t any mystery weekend getaways near me” again.

Murder Mystery Weekend Near Me, NYC & NJ

Solve a Murder Mystery NJ Style

You should always consider the location and included amenities when asking, “what’s the best murder mystery weekend near me?” While your real-life game of Clue will involve some guesswork, the details of your package should never be a mystery. At Crystal Springs Resort’s murder mystery dinner, NYC is just a short drive away, and plenty of other activities, amenities, and murder mystery events are available on-site. We’re always upfront and open about amenities and pricing, so the only thing you have to wonder about is whether or not your suspect is guilty.

Murder Mystery Weekend Near Me Package

Throughout your murder mystery weekend, you’ll eat some of the best food in New Jersey. Crystal Springs Resort has award-winning cuisine, and the meals are the weekend’s most significant murder mystery events. Of course, with so many other fun activities and amenities at our resort, you’ll have free time between meals to hang out and relax. These open hours are also just right for narrowing your suspect list and getting to know the other guests! If you’re searching for “murder mystery weekend near me” with a group of friends, remember that everyone is a suspect during the weekend here. Do your best Sherlock Holmes impersonation, and rule out your travel partners one-by-one.

As part of the package, you’ll get two nights’ accommodation at Grand Cascades Lodge, five meals, and the potential to win prizes if you solve the mystery. You’ll also have full access to all of the regular resort features, such as our spa, pool, and activity schedule; some are complimentary, and some are at an additional cost.

Luxury Resort with Murder Mystery Events

Crystal Springs Resort is much more than just a hotel, and our murder mystery events are only one example. The whole resort is a destination! With golf courses, tropical pools, educational speakers, and, yes, murder mystery dinners, you can come back again and again without ever running out of things to do. So the next time you wish for a murder mystery weekend “near me,” give us a call at 855-977-6473!