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As one of the only luxury meeting resorts near New York City, we’ve covered a lot of ground concerning hosting an offsite here at Crystal Springs Resort. If you take a peek at our travel guide, you’ll notice that we’ve written about summertime team-building activities, ten reasons that your company needs a retreat, tips to hosting an offsite, and everything in-between. Our highly-trained, professional experts know that selecting, planning, and executing an unforgettable offsite meeting can be challenging, in more ways than one—which is why we spend hours crafting these helpful guides.

5 Fun Team Meeting Ideas for Your Next Offsite

5 Cool Team Meeting Ideas

By now, you know about our two dozen meeting venues, world-class culinary services, and seemingly endless team-building activities. If not, we encourage you to browse through our extensive website. To ensure that your next offsite is nothing short of flawless, we’ve compiled five of our favorite fun team meeting ideas based on years of expertise. Not every one of these team meeting ideas will fit into your agenda, but we think that this list is the perfect jumping-off point.

1. Invite a Guest Speaker

Not every company has the budget to spend hundreds (or perhaps thousands) of dollars on a guest speaker, but the best way to inject some much-needed life into an offsite meeting agenda is by inviting a titan of industry to motivate your team. Being that we’re so close to New York City, we’ve welcomed guest speakers in all sorts of professions, including finance, health care, retail, and, yes, even film and music.

2. Pick an Offsite Theme

Over the years, we’ve witnessed several companies utilize fun themes during their offsite, including “Showtime,” “Play to Win,” and “Charting the Course.” Because we offer a variety of four-season team-building venues, no theme is too outlandish. We urge you to take full advantage of our resort’s gourmet cuisine, tropical pools, golf courses, and surrounding wilderness to craft a theme that fits both the surroundings and your company’s vision.

3. Take Turns Leading Your Meetings

The best team meeting ideas typically include a meal or two. But not every team-building exercise will revolve around wine tastings, mixology, and cook-offs (unless you want them to). Inevitably, your company will split into small groups or sessions to discuss essential information, such as quarterly objectives, team wins, and possible threats. During these sessions, it’s vital to let several employees lead the meetings. This makes them feel essential and heard—which they are, of course.

4. Infuse Food and Drinks into the Mix

If nothing else, Crystal Springs Resort is a sophisticated, world-class culinary destination, thanks in large part to our farm-to-table cuisine and awe-inspiring Wine Cellar. Our innovative, talented team of caterers can craft just about anything imaginable for your teams. They can hand-deliver each visually-striking and delicious creation to your private meeting venue. Some of the tasty treats that we offer include tuna banh mi, cannolis, trout almondine, and burrata toast!

5. Change the Location

Some of the most popular team meeting ideas focus on a change of scenery, both within the office and at a nearby location. Crystal Springs Resort has evolved into one of the best all-inclusive resorts for business meetings in the New York City area. And luckily for you and your team, we’re less than 50 miles from the George Washington Bridge! To reach out about a potential offsite in Hamburg, NJ, please give us a call today at 855-977-6473.