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Stargazing - 8pm
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Stargazing - 8pm

Wellness Experiences at Grand Cascades Lodge


From Saturday, September 11, 2021 to Friday, December 17, 2021 September 11, 2021 December 17, 2021 Crystal Springs Resort Every Friday

Discover the wonders of our Universe with Franklin Astronomy Club Founder, Zach Lichtmann. View amazing celestial targets at night with a high-powered telescope while hunting for orbiting satellites soaring overhead. An informed, casual discussion will be themed based on the night's observable targets. Many different celestial targets are visible on clear nights such as the moon, planets, star clusters, nebulae, galaxies, satelites and even the international space station.

Some targets are only visible at certain times/dates, but there are always several special targets to observe.

A themed discussion occurs alongside visible examples in the telescope. Ample time to explore questions is built into the experience.

$35 per person. Reservations are required. Please call 844.330.1710.  Experience will be canceled on cloudy nights. 

Registered guests meet on the driving range at Grand Cascades Clubhouse. Property Map

A former English Teacher, before becoming an author and school speaker, Zach Lichtmann never fails to engage his audience. A strong supporter of the Arts and Sciences, he serves as vice chairman on the Franklin Township Cultural Arts Council and founded and runs the Franklin Astronomy Club. Lichtmann has organized star parties, telescopic and astrophotography workshops, and specialized solar observing events. He utilizes over 20 years of telescopic observing experience to hone in on personalized group explorations and discussions.