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Our Story

Our Story - In the mid 1970’s, a pair of visionaries with a thirst for adventure and an eye for opportunity heard about Sussex County and its lush, mountainous setting. Upon visiting, they instinctively knew that this land, rich in natural resources and beauty, was fertile ground to create a meeting and leisure destination which would flourish in all four seasons. Their pioneering effort led them to open New Jersey’s earliest ski resort, the exciting water-themed Action Park, the area’s first golf course, and one of the first microbreweries in the Unites States. And thus, Crystal Springs Resort began to take shape.

With the passing of time, family members with a shared passion joined in to expand upon the new amenities. Spectacular hotels of the highest architectural standards ensued, followed by luxurious spas, and still, more verdant fairways. The culinary pleasures of food and wine were introduced and celebrated at the highest level. A world-renowned Wine Cellar, now considered one of the finest in North America, as well as 4-star Restaurant Latour, emphasize the family’s quest for gastronomic excellence. The amazing herb and vegetable Chef’s Garden, with views reminiscent of Napa Valley, was created to ensure the freshness and quality of ingredients served throughout the Resort’s dining and catering venues.

And today, as the family’s traditions and talents soar to a new plateau, the singular dream of creating an exceptional destination grounded in quality, craftsmanship, and the richness of life lives and evolves. You are invited to share in all the excitement that Crystal Springs Resort offers, just as those two visionary gentlemen did years ago in discovering the area’s wonders.